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21 / M / Narnia
Posted 8/18/16
Hey Guys, my name is Daniel! You can call me Heroshyn (or Hero)!

I am looking to start a Discord group with as many people that have passion for art as possible!
If you enjoy to; Draw, Sing, Play Music, Make Videos, etc. You should tots join and invite all your "Artistic friends" :3

I just think it would be nice to have a place where people can go onto and in case they want to share or just ask for some advice on how to draw something, or tips for singing exercises, or video editing advice, and instead of having to go look for answers through google or youtube, they can first hop on Discord and search for help there <3

(Now im not gonna lie, this is going to be the first Discord group i run so i will probs make some mistakes in some way or another, so i could use all the help you can offer xD )

So if you want to join, just comment down below and tell me what kind of art form you are interested in (mostly so i can just get to know you) and i will send you an invite link :3
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Posted 5/12/17
hey!! I'm interested in joining that server can I ?
I like to draw anime
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27 / M / Germany
Posted 5/18/17
sounds like an interesting idea, though i would prefer digital arts
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Posted 5/19/17
Digital art, mostly manga style cell shading. But I do try painting once in awhile.
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Posted 5/22/17
mainly digital art although some traditional paintings if I feel like painting:P
mainly color illujstrations but trying to get some manga started!
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