midoriya izuku cosplay project
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Posted 8/18/16 , edited 8/19/16
firstly i want to say if you see this and expect a fully finished project probably turn back now, my due date is December 2016 for a convention. So im going to start by saying there is a potential spoiler here in that I'm not going to do the costume he has in the anime but instead in the manga and its the most recent chapters (101-103 so far)\

I don't think its wrong to post a image of what the costume looks like but encase i am incorrect mods have full permission to take down any and all images at any moment, know that if its against any rules to post template art and or the VERY few pictures from the manga (cropped and with no text in them and only a cover photo and one image from the manga) i do so believing there shouldn't be an issue.

so i will begin by posting his original costume in a spoiler tag here

his new costume here in this spoiler

now this thread is going to be used as an overall project page, no this is not a maybe, this is a certainly going to happen.
I debated about my next cosplay for a while and this is it. I am going to go all out and i do expect this to be a money pit, but that is fine.
my previous cosplay was kaniki ken from tokyo ghoul

This project is going to be easily 30-40 times harder seeing as that was mostly clothing and just finding the right things.

im going to have to find the right fabric, (im debating on what kind of threading to go with im pretty sure im going with Techno Scuba Knit but im going to look around a little more for the -exact- color) im going to have to make those boots and im probably going to use metal for them as the new costume is pretty intense i don't want any shortcuts there.

now the funny thing is this costume is going to have to be extremely tall.

maintaining proper aspect ratio midoriya using inches i find that the distance from midoriyas heel to the top of his head is 2.15 my hieght is 5'11 for the sake of this argument lets assume inches=feet despite me knowing midoriya is not 2.3 feet tall.
the distance from his heel to the top of his belt is 1.1 inches
the distance from the top of his belt to the beginning of his neck is .62
base of his neck to the top of his head is .4
the length of his allmight ears is .35 (almost the length of his neck to the top of his head)

so 1.1:0.62:0.4:0.35
now on this site
they say he is 5'5

so relatively close to my own hieght! (speaks volumes for how high those ears go....)

awesome news!

only a .5 height differential!

that means i just need to adjust my measurements to an aspect ratio for 2.34 inches.

well after thinking about it i just decided to use a photo editor and stretch him out in a way that he becomes my size seeing as his height is close to my own, i should have to worry all that much about our height difference.

this image has been re scaled (for height not width) to be my own height if inches=feet.

well i guess with ears up ill be 6'9......... that sounds slightly inconvenient for doors.....

this brings me to a very very big point in this cosplay.
in the manga and anime, his ears somehow miraculously stand up firm and triumphantly when he puts them up, and than soft and cloth like when he has them down as if deflated.

I have a choice to make essentially, design the costume with the ears fixed with the intention of keeping them up consistently or i can make the costume with my face exposed and ears down always.

now i am not the type to enjoy having my face exposed, half the appeal about cosplay for me is that i can hide behind the character. but this decision is really important. it basically outlines the path i take and adds or decreases difficulty to my costume, i think the safe choice here is to keep them down. especially when considering that none of the appearances he has made with his new costume did he have his ears up. (also walking through doors like that could get old.....)

for his gauntlets i will start with a pair of white ones and work off of them. something simular to these but still need to look around some more.

however i would like to avoid using leather.

for the boots i think my best bet would be to actually find a pair of boots made to look like his much like these

and than build a frame around them. ( i know it looks pricey but legit any pair of boots/shoes that look similar cost more or the same.)

I am honestly worried about these boots, they are going to have to be built to stand the test of time so i want to use good materials to build them, but i also don't want to damage my knees or ankle by essentially wearing weights and walking around a convention center for days in a row. I honestly would love any advice on this at all.

I am going to work more on planning and update this regularly but i think this will be all for tonight.
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Posted 8/27/16 , edited 8/27/16
I can't offer you any advice, as I don't have any costume making skills whatsoever. Just wanted to pop in and say good luck! I can't wait to see the final product.
I'll be cosplaying Todoroki at NYCC. Unfortunately, I had to order the costume pre-made. Still excited though.
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Posted 9/18/16 , edited 9/18/16
I'm also making Deku's Gamma costume.
For the frame around his boots, I'm making it out of rubber. It's the same material as an shoe so it shouldn't cause injury despite the extra weight.
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