How would you react if the one you loved Murdered someone
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Posted 8/21/16
How would you react if the on you love Murded someone

Would you still love them.

For me I would take the blame the family deserves to know and have someone to blame but I could never let someone I love take the fall no matter if they were the one in the wrong.

Personally I would love them and shoulder the burden of any sin what about you?
Posted 8/21/16
Do you mean murdered?

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Posted 8/21/16 , edited 8/21/16

stars201 wrote:

Do you mean murdered?

I assumed so, and have fixed the presumed typo.

For me, it would very much depend on the circumstances.

Nevermind. I see this one was also incorrectly in Polls and a new thread with more activity has already been started. So I've closed this thread.
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