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Posted 8/22/16 , edited 8/22/16
Hey everyone,

Sometimes (but only sometimes ) it's useful to use a Poll when you're requesting help choosing from a small selection of items. Unfortunately, CR's policy requiring Poll topics to be in the Polls forum, but forbidding personal advice/recommendations threads from being in the Polls forum, meant this was not an option (unless you used the slightly more cumbersome, and less visible method of embedding a poll inside your post).

Those of you who had personal advice Poll Topics closed, and those of you who really just like looking at graphs and numbers to help you make decisions will be pleased (I hope) to learn that we've updated our policy regarding Polls.

Starting immediately, you can use Poll Topics when requesting personal advice, recommendations, or feedback in the Advice, Info, Recommendations forum, or in the Creative forums.

Don't start using polls here just because you can. Many requests for advice, information, recommendations, and feedback benefit most from open responses for which a poll is not useful. If you do start using polls, make sure you also elaborate on your request in your opening post, and make sure the poll is clearly and specifically relevant to your personal request, and isn't just there as a bit of fluff or general info gathering.

Here's the relevant excerpt from the Site Rules (red indicates the part that was updated):

Start new threads in the appropriate forums. Mods may move threads if they aren't started in the appropriate forum. Poll Topics should be started in the Polls forum regardless of subject matter, except when they are a clear and relevant part of a request for personal advice/feedback. Polls for the purpose of requesting advice and recommendations, or feedback about one's own creative projects, are now allowed in the Advice, Info, Recommendations and Creative forums. For site- or Crunchyroll app-related questions, use the site support Help! forums. Ask your non-Crunchyroll support and non-discussion "I need advice/information/recommendation" type questions in the Advice, Info, Recommendations forum.

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