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Posted 8/23/16 , edited 8/23/16
Idk if it's on all platforms but it's definitely on PS3 and PS4. After the last update the show playback likes to stop twenty seconds before the end of the program. This is pretty annoying for shows like Shokugeki who like to throw in little snippets at the end of the credits and it ends abruptly forcing me to relaunch and fastforward through the whole episode to that snippet and 9/10 it won't stop the playback that way.

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Posted 8/25/16 , edited 8/26/16
It's really bad tonite ob PC / so dont feel alone it's got tobe CR there are so manyposts going on1
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Posted 9/4/16 , edited 9/4/16
This has been going on for over a year now and they refuse to address it. I'm really getting pissed about having to reload an entire episode just to watch the last minute. It normally isn't a big issue but with shows like Re: Zero where the content extends through the credits, or shows where I want to see the next episode preview, I actually get mad enough to swear at the tv about it. Not only is it a hassle to reload a video, but sometimes it screws up the queue and it won't register the episode as "watched" so when a new episode is out it won't show in the queue.

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