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I refuse to create a new thread for every writing I do, so here this thread is, though I may not bother to post any more at all after this one, anyway.

I'm not sure what the point of sharing is on an anime forum, but I'm doing so anyway. If anyone even bothers to read, feel free to comment or question, I suppose, though I will likely regret both writing and posting this by tomorrow.

-- No title

Air bends above the hood of the '01 Civic.
Waves of light glide over the landscape of an overgrown field.
"What a shame."

Wind strides through the left window and out the right, rustling the thick Oak woods.
Two small clicks shortly followed by matching thunks.
"Do you miss it?"

They shuffle through, towards a rusted white rectangle.
A ball falls to the ground softly onto the tall grass.

A running start with pristine muscle memory,
Wind at his back, sun on his face,
A familiar "kling!", a shot from afar and a miss.
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