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Post Reply going from 164 pounds to 120, is it realistic?
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Posted 8/25/16

Arekkusu92 wrote:

Since you have spoken with doctors I will assume you speak with at least your primary care, so keep in contact and discuss options with them.

Now to answer your question.

Yes and No.

To keep it short let's go over a couple things.

#1 Frame size
Weight charts aren't always helpful because they don't account for muscle mass or the way you carry fatty tissue.
Also, side note, it's not as simple as fat = bad, muscle = good. Your body requires both to serve their purpose.

I suggest looking up how to measure your frame size and seeing what the ideal weight range is for your specific body type.
The weight range for a 5'1" female varies from around 105 to 140 pounds, with small frames weighing less, medium in the middle, and large frames covering the top of that spectrum.

#2 Overall health/maintenance
With your back injury and heart condition lifting (glad to hear you have strengthened your back) and cardio are items you would want to discuss with your primary care, however, your brisk walking should be fine. A stationary cycle also offers an excellent calorie burning exercise with the ability to easily adjust the intensity/speed and manage your heart rate for your POTS and breathing for your asthma as well as provide a low impact workout to save your knees. Also, it involves not getting up and down so you can avoid fainting.

Your diet is important but it doesn't have to be an actual "diet".

You're already avoiding pop and junk food which is a smart move considering your goals and PCOS so my suggestion is simply to eat some veggies, fruit, and something higher in protein. I also think cheat meals 2-3 times a week are okay as long as you control your portions, this also helps to avoid binging. The heart surgeons I work with are big fans of the Mediterranean diet, or at least the premise of it.

You also need to think about maintaining eating healthy and exercise long-term, so make sure it's meeting your dietary needs.

#3 Conclusion
With your health conditions look at what ability, stamina, flexibility, strength, etc. you have and assess if you feel as healthy as YOU can be.
I don't mean olympian fit but are you, in general, healthy.

I mean i have fat no doubt, on my thighs stomach and arms, but you can def see the muscle, i can flex good lol, its like, i really have toned up but i cant get the excess fat off the thighs and underneath arm part , and stomach

As a woman your hormones cause fat to deposit in your problem areas so it isn't uncommon however you also admit to being toned/muscular. You were small, gained weight, and have lost some so continue your healthy lifestyle and you should burn it off eventually.

So 120lbs may or may not be possible in the end, but picking a number or a size doesn't mean it's right for YOU.

Aim to be healthy and be happy with that.

Just keep your head up, keep working at it, and remember you are beautiful regardless of what issues you may find with your body.

Surgical Assistant I
2 years CV, Ortho, ENT, General

PS just reading a few other replies
You don't have to get your heart rate up to burn fat, and for you that might be dangerous.
While High-intensity workouts do make you loose weight so do moderate and light intensity ones.
Here is a link to the Harvard Medical School article on walking and its benefits, so if you like pokemon, keep going out and catching them.
Fun fact, someone 160lbs burns about 105 calories per mile walked.
Deffinately check it out.
Also as I have operated on patients over 600lbs weight shouldn't bar you from surgery unless the hospital doesn't have the equipment to handle a patient that size.

I would never have thought I would find a doctor on CR lol
thank you, I will look at that site, I do overall feel healthy, do I feel like I can be captain of the volleyball team again? no lol
but I mean im not a teen anymore im heading into my mid 20s -internally crying- so I get that my body shape will be different and ive accepted that, I guess more"woman" like? mature idk lmao I used to be so thin, even mybody build thin, I would use a Naruto headband as a belt and still have room to put my fingers between
right now really im more concerned about losing my thighs and upper arms , any tips on excersises that do that? also I do need to lose pounds as stated above for my breast surgery, I wont repeat it here you can read above, so I much should I lose?
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Posted 8/25/16 , edited 8/25/16

redokami wrote:
are there spices that help with metabolism and stuff?
No, but eating right helps a lot.

Also the how much time you do to get down in size/weight means very much if its healthy or not..
not too fast or too slow.
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Posted 8/25/16
If you're looking for tone, cardio and aerobic exercise is probably what you want to look at first. Perhaps jogging or the like.
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Posted 8/25/16
Sadly it isn't possible to target fat loss short of some sort of surgery/procedure (lipo, coolsculpting).
I would keep strengthening and toning what's underneath.

If metformin helps, I would suggest talking to your PCP and asking for more or an alternative.

I'm sorry to hear you are at risk of paralysis but considering the urgency of it and assuming the breast surgery you are speaking of is a reduction mammoplasty (you had mentioned going up several cup sizes), weight/size shouldn't be an issue from an operative standpoint. I see women twice your weight getting them all the time.

If anything they might want the skin to tighten back up in the area so less alteration will be needed, but that wouldn't prevent surgery.

Surgical Assistant I
2 years CV, Ortho, ENT, General
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Posted 8/25/16
No, if you have to ask then it's not possible. Are you going to give up because people say no?

How about you lose 20 pounds and take this serious, it's not hard, drink only water, and eat healthy, minimal excercise. Start now.
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Posted 8/25/16
I haven't gained or lost more then 10 pounds in the past 10 years, my body is stable because my habits are stable.

Don't worry about the numbers, eat a moderate amount of food and get a moderate amount of exercise and your body will balance it self to were it needs to be. No need to make things overly complicated or worry about things that don't matter.
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Posted 8/30/16

redokami wrote:
I am pretty sure it is not my diet, considering I have had 4 years to test different diets and excersise out, since u know I gained it all when I was 18
it is my pcos, I literally can work my ass off eat veggies fruit and small portions but if I don't have my metformin I wont lose a single pound, its stupid
Okay here is my next question, how small of portions? More and more studies today agree that the body has a minimum calorie requirement. If you do not eat at least that much in calories you will not lose weight as your body will think it is starving. At which point your metabolism will slow and your body will go after muscle for sustenance because it is easier to break up than fat. So that is something to consider when working out as well. Next are you getting balanced nutrition? Eating lots of veggies is a great thing, but you still need protein and even fat. So make sure that you are getting enough protein, and not just relying on the calorie low vegetables. So think of your body like a car, you have to give it enough fuel to run all day and you need to give it the right fuel so it will run efficiently.

All in all, you really need to speak with your doctor about this. Like you said you lose no weight if you are off your meds. Which complicates losing weight, there has to be a reason why that is and your doctor can help you manage it. I am not sure what diets you have done, but one that I recommend is the IIFYM diet. It has about as much good and bad press as any diet and is much less restrictive than most diets. The most important thing though is to make sure you are not starving yourself. Trust me when you are getting enough to eat you feel much better and lose much more weight.

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