Relient K Shoutout
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Posted 8/25/16 , edited 8/25/16
Just wondering if im the only one on this site that likes Relient K. Been listening to them since i was a kid, and are my oldest favorite band.

Any favorites?
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Posted 9/8/16 , edited 9/8/16
They were the first band I became a fan of when I started listening to bands, when I was 15, in 2003. That was after I wanted to listen to them but was not able to, for a year or two before I was able to get their CDs. Being a teenager with moral objections to piracy was annoying.

Favorites, well:

I remember in college, around spring 2006, listening to the college radio hosts:

"This is a song by my favorite band...."
"Relient K!"
"What, am I a 13 year old girl? It's Skillet!"

Skillet them promptly became a typical favorite band of 13-year-old girls. On the other hand I once knew a 13-year-old girl who was even more into death metal than I was... where was I going with this?
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Posted 12/30/17 , edited 12/31/17
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