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Posted 8/26/16
As demonstrated in an anime called ReLIFE, act of heroism may backfire. This misguided heroism is also shown in some other anime as well as with U.S. military intervention in foreign affairs. The military intervention by U.S. may not be a good example of heroism since there are strong suspicion of hidden dark goals under the cover of heroism but ReLIFE did show a realistic example despite the fictional plot. In my analysis of situations where this act of heroism backfire, the hero negate the interrelation between the source of the hardship and other factors; when the source of the hardship is also a part of the social order, eradicating that source will cause a chain effect which lead to another problem.
In my analysis of real life, the anti-hero avenger seem to be less prone to heroic backfiring than the ideal hero. This may seem contradictory unless one realize that the anti-hero are not bound by the magical girl mentality. An ideal hero tend to be more naive, simplistic, and willfully ignorant; they mindlessly attempt to eliminate a hardship without realizing the indirect effect of their action; they act out of feelings and emotions instead of rationality; they convince people to follow an ideology without any incentive.
An anti-hero avenger, on the other hand, do not follow the magical girl mentality which antagonized avengers. They are more mindful, realistic, and cautious; they are willing to consider the indirect consequence of their action; they are not emotionally devastated by inevitable sacrifices; they are willing to use risky innovation in unfamiliar situation; they are not restrained by a strict impractical code of justice. Although an anti-hero avenger are more motivated by revenge than heroism, they sometimes have enough sense of justice to help others in some way. Furthermore, as demonstrated in Zetsuen No Tempest anime, an anti-hero avenger can maintain their political incorrectness even when they develop real heroic morality which allow them to make commit many heroic deeds in real life without much backfiring.
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