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Posted 8/27/16
I tried a month of CR a few months back and found it lacking. In the face of things like Hulu, Netflix, and piracy, it seemed redundant without providing much additional service. However, as my NAS has filled, I came back and gave it a more honest try, and I must say that I'm impressed. The selection is more robust than I initially gave it credit for, and the manga section is a great feature that I hope gets expanded upon; I'd pay $60/yr for a big manga subscription service alone, and its selection kinda hooked me in alongside the solid anime selection.

However, something to keep me coming back would be a curation system similar to Steam's: an indexed list of people whose recommendations you can follow so you can discover what to watch next from within CR itself instead of using external sources. This would be a strong value-add if you could pull it off well.

Anyway, I just upgraded to a $60/yr plan, so I'm confident in whatever direction you choose to take given how good you are at managing your site, apparently. I'll remain a customer as long as the service is good, so this is just a compliment and a light suggestion.

Thanks for reading.

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