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Post Reply You have immortality, but you can die whenever you choose
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Posted 8/31/16 , edited 8/31/16
I find this topic very interesting, honestly if i were immortal, i would spend the first 100 years losing my sense of identity as i come to the reality of who i was and who i am are now two different beings At this point i reach a cross road where i can either stay depressed and curse my immortal being and decide that i want to die and be selfish, or i decide to actually become something much more than an just immortal whos depressed all the time. As the years go by i start keeping logs of all past events that i found significant in what i live through, i start studying trends, i start reading every useful book on politics, economics,language, religion, and history, and i start to adapt over and over for the sole purpose of bettering the human conditions of all of those around me. I decide to become a slave to a humanity, to become the slave deity that everyone wishes and hopes is real, and decide to become a God in the essence of me having an influence all over the world, working from the shadows just as the 1 percent currently do in each country(and some in multiple) but me on a bigger global scale. And perhaps when i am farther a long and i see that their is hope in leaving the world the way i left it, is when the world will decide it no longer needs a deity and i will seize to exist. This I feel would be the best approach in making use of such a gift or curse depending on how you look at it. I mean why be human that is immortal, when you can transcend and be so much more?
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Posted 8/31/16

Velvet_Crowe wrote:

As soon as I find out that I have immorality I'll kill myself
How? Just shoot myself in the head and as to why? Well I don't want to live forever, sounds boring living for so long.

Haven't you seen the Highlander movie Anime, the one Marcus Octavius in as a bad guy? He been living joyfully for 2,000 years! He learn many languages, meet many different kind of beautiful women. He held in high position in every army in different Country till he decided to be leader in USA, New York in Year 2126!

You'll have no fear of dying from any disease, or knowing people trying to kill you.. as long they're not like you.. Only way you can died is get your head chop off!

Come join me! I am the real Marcus Octavius! :]

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