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Posted 8/27/16
Here is some new material I am working on

more on my soundcloud linked below
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Posted 8/31/16
There right there, there right here, i am right here ,i am right there,
but doesnt it do help , the pill that you swallowed , was not the one they gave you, intoxicated with hope but you stand there and mope. Flashing back when There was hope,
all they care about is dope
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25 / M / In mah bodi. also...
Posted 9/4/16
Le youtube link mayde Me phink ov a more chuggi Pantera/Lambogawd - Sohlid jank az far as thaht genre gouz- Goud energi, creatyv riffins and rhythms, and pretti goud progression thaht didn't geht boring and hahd goud dynamics you'd want for a high energy metal song. Good job doughd.
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