What to watch on cruncyroll? (based on my interests)
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Posted 8/28/16 , edited 8/29/16
Hey, so started my 14 day free trial on crunchy roll because of BERSERK!!! We finally get a continuation of the manga series were no other animation in the last decade could do!! I'm not really into the anime subculture but there have been a few stories I've liked over the years. While I have this free trial maybe there's something else here I might like that someone can suggest.

I started reading the Berserk Manga 10 years ago and love the story, no animation has come close to the manga, but it is still exciting to have them to watch.

The manga was way better than the movie, but both really good.

Deadman Wonderland:
Never read the manga. The series just ended abruptly!! Got really into the characters, might have to look into the manga.

Hayao Miyazaki:
Anything by him, Ponyo is probably my favorite.

Into nature and philosophy.

Those are my main favorites. Others I've seen that I sorta liked:

I dont think I'd watch a season 2 if there was one, but it was interesting at the time.

Death Note:
Hated the main character, but it was a good story that I got sucked in. Got very sad for mikami character.

...So anything on crunchy roll that is related to any of those? Or if not on crunchy roll I'd be interested in looking into something.

Akira kurosawa is one of my favorite directors. Ikiru, hidden fortress, sanjuro & Dersu Uzala are my favorites.

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Posted 8/28/16 , edited 8/29/16
I´m not sure at all what sort of anime you like to watch, but I know some you may like:

- Terra Formars: Great anime with a very particular art and drawing, the story is about some big insects attacking a planet and humans defending it, pretty cool!

- Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (Or just "Erased") : This is one of my favorite animes, if you like drama, mistery, and some investigation this is for you, the story is about one guy that has the power to some minutes back in time to save someone´s life, but an event makes the power throw him like 15 years in the past, when he was a child as I say, to save one life, I´m don´t want to spoil you because this is a master piece for me, Please give it a try.

- Akame Ga Kill : One of the claassic gore stories, big blades, deep characters and a great story!

SOOO thats all I can give you for now Sorry because my english is not very good, and I hope you give one opportunity to Erased its a great anime! Peace
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Posted 8/28/16 , edited 8/29/16
Ok thanks. The 2nd one sounds interesting

The anime I like to watch are:

Berserk (my favorite manga).


Dead Man Wonderland

Hayao Miyazaki (anything by him)

Grave of Fire Flies.

Your english is pretty good. Way better than my spanish. Un poco espanol.
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Posted 8/28/16 , edited 8/29/16
Definitely Erased is a great anime, I finished it in one day It was so cool I couldn´t stop watching it!! Good luck with that my friend! Greetings from Mexico
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Posted 8/28/16 , edited 8/29/16
Mushi-shi - season 2 is here on CR, season 1 is available legally on Youtube (Funimation)

Claymore - (on Funimation) you might like this if you like Berserk


Gatchaman Crowds

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

Attack on Titan
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Posted 8/28/16 , edited 8/29/16
Flying Witch

Non Non Biyori

sweetness & lightning

Little Witch Academia - Both movies are on Netflix, but a TV series is in the works for later this year.

Summer Wars

Your lie in April

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

Mob Psycho 100

Gurren Lagann
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Posted 8/31/16 , edited 8/31/16
Fate/Zero if you enjoy really interesting characters and some pretty deep lore (it also helps to know about a few historical figures and the Arthurian Legend), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure if you like over the top goofy stuff mixed in with some fun action, Magi (it's difficult to recommend this one to people since the manga is superior in every way and you really have to get deep into the politics and world to understand why people like it so much, but the anime is pretty alright except for a few nitpicks I have with some of the changes made), and Joker Game for its interesting take on espionage during World War II. (Though it's a very episodic series.)

Also, it's not on Crunchy sadly (though I REALLY wish it was), but if you can find it somewhere I'd highly recommend a series called Monster. It's easily one of my favourite series and would highly recommend it for its characters and writing alone.
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Posted 9/1/16 , edited 9/2/16

Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon



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Posted 9/2/16 , edited 9/3/16
From The New World. Future, sort of dystopia, creepy psychological thing. Really good.
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