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I'm currently running a chronicle of Princess: The Hopeful, a fan-made supplement for the World of Darkness RPG system. Princess is a supplement that has the players play as magical girls (and boys) powered by the Light, emotion, and their own Beliefs to fight against the Darkness that corrupts and consumes the world. It's supposed to play out similar to the darker magical girl series like Madoka and Symphogear where the trials of fighting off and resisting the Darkness is supposed to tax the Radiant Hopefuls' Sensitivity to the suffering of others and Compromises of Beliefs until if they have not died in the process eventually fall and possibly become monsters themselves. Along with the creatures of darkness, they would have to deal with other nobles with different ideologies such as violently fighting off the Darkness with no regard for collateral damage, actively draining the Light from the world to sustain and protect the last remaining kingdom even at the cost of using the power of Darkness itself, or overconfidently showing off their own "perfection" and slowly going mad. This is also in addition to the other threats of the World of Darkness setting.

So far the party is as follows:
• Sion, an agile fighter with a father in the police
• Noa, a ditzy rising idol singer
• Maribel, a kind yet bitter girl that cares for others' wellbeing
• Talurth, a stoic investigator
• Edward, a nearly middle-aged man with some experience and knowledge around when the first Nobles appeared
• Kellie, a non-Noble that is actually possessed by a Spirit that sustains off of happiness

Among the NPCs they have encountered includes:
• Bo, Sion's familiar that was his pet boa constrictor and transforms into a lamia
• Aoi, a Noble and performer recently cast in an educational program
• A group of vampires, two of which stay at Noa's and Sion's houses

Some story details from so fare include:
• the PCs' school is tainted by the Darkness and as a result there is a higher rate of misbehavior and bullying
• recent arson attacks by hunters that violently fight against the Darkness has angered the local vampires
• one student that has been spreading rumors about the members of the party, particularly Sion, is now going out with Sion but is recently warned to be Darkened and threatened by one of the hunters unless she is cured
• men that are dressed like utility workers are using some sort of device to drain the "goodness" from locations around the city

Just at the end of the last session, the party started to enter a weird house that I planned will contain one of the fallen Nobles mentioned above. If anyone could help, I would appreciate any maps or suggestions for a mansion or something similar for a "haunted house".

If anyone's interested, the Princess: The Hopeful rulebooks, documents, and other resources can be downloaded here:
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