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Posted 9/6/16
Thank you for your recommendation! The site has been working out for me so far.
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Posted 9/6/16 , edited 9/7/16
I suggest trying HelloTalk (Mobile App) - While the site is made for learning different languages and teaching your native tongue, I've met many nice and many friends from the app. You can learn the language from native speakers and meet some cool people! Sounds like a good deal to me.
Also counting everyone is talking about learning Japanese before you try making Japanese friends, (which is highly suggested) you could also try websites like Japanesepod101 which is a tutoring site with videos, (I personally found this site very helpful when learning Japanese) or try Japanese Tutor - Kakehashi Japan which is one on one tutoring with a professional tutor. (via Skype) - This is much easier if you want a real person to teach you instead of videos. Whatever you personally prefer.
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