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Posted 8/31/16
Anyone playing on the Rift or Vive? What games are you playing on it and how do you like them? The games I've played are all enjoyable to nothing has blown me away so far. are there any games I'm really missing out on?
Also, what would you like to see appear in VR format?

EVE Valkyrie: 7/10
Radial G: 7/10
Lucky's Tale: 8/10
Farlands: 7/10
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Posted 8/31/16
Hmm, I have a Vive. The games are alright, but honestly I use it primarily to keep my old man heart in shape. Beats the crap out of jogging. So, contrary to my expectations, I've spent more time in the room-scale games than seated experiences.

Nothing has really blown me away, other than some of the tech demos. I'd really like to see Freespace Open get VR support, as Freespace 2 is still the penultimate space combat sim in my eyes.

Fallout 4 getting Vive support is intriguing, but I'm not sold on the idea until I've had a chance to actually try the final product.
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Posted 12/31/17
End of the year clean up ^,^ Closing threads from 2016
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