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Posted 8/31/16
From my analysis, media addiction are not innate nor is it due to culture; instead, it is due to social isolation. American citizen are suffering from job insecurity. By preoccupying the parents with job insecurity, children can by socialized with materialistic values from the media. The values of competition, dominance, and individual attainment by suffering from the media further encourage bullying to create social isolation. To response to the resulting media addiction, some parents put huge cultural demands on their children which cause can isolate from reality. Some more contributing cause are the lack of community activities and insensitivity to child’s social needs. As a reinforcing factor, the fast-pacing in television shows reduce the children mindfulness which prevent them from adjusting to real life.
The Western Christian churches can create isolation from reality by preaching a fantasy world that have no relevance, both in direct and metaphoric terms, to real life. They depict a fantasy worldview that are not relate-able to real life and depict a conflicts that do not provide a solution to real life problems. Anime, on the other hand, present stories and characters that a person can relate to. Unlike Christianity, video games and social media allow a person to express their hidden self and build their own unique identity which is one of the common reason for media addiction.
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