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Farm Life Vs. City Life?
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Posted 10/10/16 , edited 10/10/16
Having lived in a small town or two and spent a few weeks on a farm here and there,; there are things that are good about city and farm living.

If you have internet you pretty much alleviate a lot of the drawbacks to living in a rural area, in other words, it isn't boring as hell.

If you are not much of a city person you will be going through culture shock if you decide to live there. If you live in a place where there is a lot of ethnic diversity you will either stay and learn that people are people where-ever and however they look or you will move away back to the rural place you like and hopefully not turn into a homophobic bigot . . . I bring that up because I know people that move out of the city and most of them become more intolerant. It depends on whether or not you can think for yourself too.

The one thing I like about living in a large metro area is there is all kinds of stuff to do if you want to do it. In rural areas most of the time it is more limited.

It also depends on who you know. There are people that can get you into a shitload of trouble regardless of where you may live.
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Posted 10/27/16 , edited 10/27/16
growing up in the city and spending most of my life in the city

yes.. i would like to try out life on the countryside for a bit

1- can you survive without fast internet ?

the air is fresh and you don't have to deal with psychos on the road as much

but i'm sure there are pros and cons for both side

maybe having a vacation house in the the country side is a better alternative
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Posted 4/4/17 , edited 4/4/17
So i live in a city with a population of 2,515.

My family owns a 2000 acres farm, which now that i have inherited my grandmothers place i live on.
City is small, but its isn't that rural as its a 20 minute ride next to a city with 48,913 includes a university where i work. Which is largeish, but still small enough.
It would take me two hours to make it a major city.

Good food, privacy and good income situation.
My internet is actually quite good, 100 mgs right now, people next to me aren't.
Income fallback, if i ever become unemployed i have something i can fall back on.
I get to stay close to my family.
Personal pride in the work i do.

Always work to be done,
Cows get feed not matter that weather, below freezing? pump broken? better get that fixed?
Family drama dealing with how to handle issues. It doesn't brother me, because i grew up with it. But my wife doesn't know how to handle it.
I had to pull her away from the farm, and it almost cost me my marriage. \
Yes it can get boring sometimes.

The main thing, is that sooner or latter my dad is going to pass away, and then i will i get the land.
I would never sell the land, and which means i would need to move back to take care of it. Which means im better off setting up shop here.
Frankly i don't think i could handle a city life.

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Posted 4/5/17 , edited 4/5/17
While it may be interesting at first and beneficial in some ways (I'm sure I wouldn't need to go the gym as much since farmers work pretty hard), I would probably get bored fairly fast.
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Posted 4/5/17 , edited 4/6/17
"farm life" - honestly everything is too far away from each other.
I spend 1 hour outside of the city - or not even city but a little more populated area and feel so damn strange.
being in farm areas (up north) it feels like very little is accesible.
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Posted 4/5/17 , edited 4/6/17
City life for me: good food, lots to do, always people around so you don't feel lonely.

Living space is smaller, but I like to think of the entire city being my living room.
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