Continyoo the Story! 1
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Posted 8/31/16
Alright, An Idea hath sprung forth from within Me!

The game, is you continue the story from where it left off in the post above you, and you can contribute however much you want.

Tip: post first that you are currently typing your continuation, then edit it as you type so the Ninja'ing doth nawt occur!

I am not the best writer, buht Ahm gunnuh try to starht it off!

The faded green grass dances in the fall wind as you walk through the old field on the southwest side of town. The oak tree in the not so far distance to your right blocks the sun behind it and gives a flickering reflection into your eyes as you mosey on the route you know so well. You had lived in the town your entire life, yet you had always managed to return to this spot for whatever reason. After arriving a bit more north of the oak tree, the sun now greets you with a hard glare that stings your eyes, causing you to put your hand in front of your face to shield yourself from the over-powering D's of vitamins assaulting your eyes. Although, something didn't seem right. The suns rays felt far too strong and it felt like your skin itself was rapidly heating up by the second. Even as you used both hands to shield yourself from the sun, you feel like your outer organ is about to combust into a golden blaze. Not certain of what to do, you begin to panick as the situation grows 'dimmer'. You are about to give up, when suddenly…...

I gave it a shot hahuh Continyue from there if you wish, or start your own story for someone else to continyoo!
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Posted 8/31/16
fuhu, this looks really high level o-o

when suddenly, a heavy load of cold water pushed me forward from behind, falling to my hands and knees, i wipe my eyes to see better.. i look up to see a familiar face, it was...
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Posted 8/31/16 , edited 8/31/16
it was my friend. "Hey what are you doing in the river?" He said but I ignored it. Absolutely shocked from that egregious sensation I experienced just now. I could hear the drumming of my heart. The insipid air that was locking my lungs prostrate. My eyes danced desperately to see where the hell am I.

" Hey ____, come on get up! We got to move!" Move? Move where? I finally regained a bit of composure but I still felt an ineffable burning feeling surrounding me still. This forest I wound up in was unfamiliar yet nothing out of the norm. The shrubberies you'd find would be average and the natural misky waft of pine tree still ever welcoming. I followed my friend yet I felt something.. this was presence was...
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Posted 21 days ago
Locked ^,^
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