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Post Reply Anyone been playing the Battlefield 1 Beta?
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Posted 9/7/16 , edited 9/7/16

Ranwolf wrote:

MrAnimeSK wrote:

lol well this is what betas are for and there will be patches and nerfs/ballancing.
But yes this map needs more vehicles. I mean the guys in the planes do ok as well...
But yeah its a snipers wet dream. You really have no chgance when there are so many of them if you're on foot. I like big maps but a wide open one like this needs more vehicles for sure.

I remember for the first couple/few days the rounds went way too fast and they adjusted that, i see there was an update. Iam hoping it was a new map. Bout to find out.

Yeah I guess but how hard is to understand Horses are not fucking M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tanks. I mean I am sure even an amateur coder would realise that and code the game accordingly.

lol yeah it is annoying..
Even the amount of bullets it takes to kill soldiers when you consider melee and snipers kill you so easy.
I hope they make the trip wires more effective also. Friccin useless.

turns out the update just unlocks all availible unlocks (just what is availible in the beta not everything). So a good chance to test out more guns and gadgets.
The new map thing was a bull shit rumor.

EDIT: just had my best round yet lol. And yes, i kind of sniped. No i did not play as recon(or should i say scout) but i used a medic gun that had a scope and bi pod (i forget what it was called^^;..) Great gun, accurate and good range. Not overly powerful but pretty rapid rate of fire.
Plus having the medic crate (as opposed to just the bag) i was able to heal myself pretty rapidly.
Guess it helped also that i managed to be in a bit betetr squad and i spent some time in armored jeeps and tanks.
Oh and i had a nap before and been drining coffee, the other times i played it was drinking beer or wine or was really tired so yeah maybe i should do that more often when i play? ^^;

The update gave me a chance to use some new things but alot of it i'd already unlokced anyways.

So yeah, iam going to quit the beta on a good note lol. Closes tomorrow anyways i think. Guess i should really use the beta to learn to fly so i dont fuck up KDR in main game but eh..

2ND EDIT: Just fucked around trying to fly. I see where i went wrong last time. I was using keyboard and mouse. This i used just keyboard.
I mostly tried the bomber but tried a fighter also. I can fly! lol yeah i can fly as far as staying on the ground but iam not very good.
Only got kills assists/enemies damaged. I felt like i was flying decent but dont think i could ytake good pilots on in a dog fight.
Was kinda fun though.

I was a noob and had been forgetting that when you select to spawn in the tank that you can select which tank you want. Light tank FTW!
I just had an absolute blast playing. Had my best round again (ok so 27/13 is nothing major but i was stoked).
Medic with a decent gun, light tanks, playing with mates in a squad/team work = very good score and KDR :)

This game has (at least for the time being) resurrected my old clan so yeah )

ha ha from raging to cheering. Def coffee a better choice than alcohol. But playing drunk can be fun, just makes you rage more when things dont go well.

Anyways ramble over, beta closes tomorrow. Bring on the full release!
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