Japanese Anime style Star Wars, with Loli.
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Posted 9/2/16 , edited 9/3/16
It is Star Wars, but with Lolis, Nekos, and more. This episode begins the tale of a young Nekojin naked Tokiwa when she was still a Nekoling. She grew up to become known as Darth Mew Mew after she met the powerful Sith who would train her, Darth Necrotis.

Warrior, Leader, Sorcerer, Alchemist... she would one day rock the foundations of existence itself. She would lay siege to the fabric of reality as it is known. Known as a terrible villain to those who oppose her, while a great hero and patron saint to her allies.

This is Darth Mew Mew... and this, is Loli Wars.


I spend weeks, and a lot of coffee, Monster and Mountain Dew on these. So if you like it, please let me know by subscribing. Plus, every time someone subscribes, a Neko gets her tail.

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