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Post Reply Bad Anime That You Liked/Guilty Pleasure Anime
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Posted 9/7/16 , edited 9/7/16
Queen's Blade



And my number 1 guilty pleasure is, Strawberry Panic.

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Posted 9/7/16
Most recently it was Sakura Trick. Absolute fan service trash -- annoyingly so -- but just too cute and sweet for me to drop.
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Posted 9/8/16 , edited 9/8/16

decentmallcop wrote:
And various 80's/90's OVAs like Hades Project Zeorymer and Detonator Orgun.

I don't think I'd call those trainwrecks. I'd call them awesome. Especially Zeorymer. There are reasons why Super Robot Wars fans like myself look at the series roster for a game and go, "Oh, shit, Zeorymer's back!"

That being said, the original Sailor Moon has always been something of a guilty pleasure for me. It's a classic, and I love it, but there's a ton of filler, lots of animation derps, and several parts that haven't aged very well. And Usagi is still one of the worst main characters ever (... IMO; I'm well aware that she has dedicated fans despite being a capital dumbass).
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