Sports Anime. What do you use to get pumped to workout?
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Posted 9/4/16 , edited 9/5/16
So to keep a long story short. I found out i would die young if i dont change my ways, weight 300lbs, down to 239 in 2 months. I have a bad knee from High school, re-injured it Plus my big toe in martial arts, so i cant run.
What kept me going believe it or not, was sports anime haha!!!

So, bad knee, next best thing, bike and my stationary bike. I love the out doors, but i found out that Sports Anime REALLY pushes me. Episode after episode, hours after hour of peddling while watching. After the 4th day i had bumped up my rides to about 8 hours of riding.
First, i put on Hajime No Ippo cause i remembered that show got me excited to run when i was able to.

These are the Animes I've watched in the order i've watched them.
Hajime no Ippo (1st, got me VERY pumped at times to peddle really hard)
Yowamushi pedal (2nd, and probably an equal amount of excitement as Ippo)
Kuroko no basuke (3rd and again, very close to Ippo...Ippo has a special place in my heart so its hard to beat it)
This is where i started to get sad cause im starting to run out of ideas.
Ace ace of diamond (4th, and a very great story about hard work pays off, which is what you need when you hit the dreaded "plateau")
Free (4th also, watched this after i started watching Ace, but found myself finishing this first. I didn't bother looking up the ratings on this cause i thought it was just a bunch of fan service, oh how i was wrong. What a wonderful story to keep you motivated, i found myself forgetting i was doing cardio while in 1080p)
Finished Ace
Now i get very sad, now i got to look into watching "out dated" animation after all this beautiful animation.
But boy have I missed out on Slam Dunk lol, i needed a good laugh while working out.

Currently watching DAYS (current run...oh how i love this anime)
Slam Dunk, just saw the first episode of Major, and Battery. They both look good, but i'm afraid they wont give me that "pump" that pushes me.
Hoping that i'm wrong.
Slam Dunk is awesome, and I look forward to my early morning DAYS workout lol.

(Side note, i've watched Eye-shield soooooooooo many times, probably wouldn't do anything for me anymore lol.)

Now i have a question ANYONE whos worked out, and had a anime or show they watched and it pumped you up.
What good idea's do you use?
Or have i pretty much
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Posted 9/5/16 , edited 9/5/16
. . . omg my workout is pilates. A pilates anime would be so boring, wow. But I would watch it.

............ can you imagine a mecha show based on pilates? With pretty boys?

Anyway, not sports anime, but I watch Case Closed at the gym, when I'm on the cardio machines (usually the bikes). I tried the cycling classes, but I don't like them, they're too loud.

A while ago, I watched Beyond the Boundary the same way. I need to rewatch that, actually.
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Posted 9/5/16 , edited 9/6/16
I find sports anime inspiring when it comes to trying to get back in shape and getting out there and work out

I have a bad back and rt hip so I can do stationary bike and swim only
and I actually use the sound track from Kuroko no Basket , Yowamushi Pedal, Haikyuu for my cycling workout.
I cant ran anymore or even walk long ,so FREE became my inspiration for swimming

My latest inspiration are DAYS. because of the MC and Cheer Danshi since they do core strenthening with their training which I did alot during my physical therapy and should be doing more again since I am slacking

Posted 9/5/16 , edited 9/6/16
All those anime got me pumped to work out when I watched them, but then I just kept watching them I didn't work out cuz I'm a lazy piece of shit No actually I go running a LOT right now so I am in really good shape, but when I watch anime that is my lazy time
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Posted 9/5/16 , edited 9/6/16
So, it's not really sports...but definitely seeing THIS:

And other things from the series

Sports though, definitely Kuroko no Basket, because it just gets me in the Zone!! (Haha See what I did there?)
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Posted 1/5/18 , edited 1/6/18
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