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Posted 9/5/16 , edited 9/5/16
Sorry I'm a little late, I finished Your lie in April a couple of hours before this episode and was a complete wreck after watching both that and episode 23. Being a member of the Emilia faith this episode stabbed me almost twice.
Once when Subaru said "Kill me" and started to beg Julius and Felix to kill him despite all his hard work in this life.
Twice when Emilia looked to the forest after Julius was about to stab Subaru. That crushed me a little inside.

Here is where I get into my theory. Subaru wasn't killed by Julius. Have you noticed one thing that all the Sloth reincarnations have in common? They all have gospels. It was previously established that anyone with the potential to join the Witch's Cult was given a gospel. No one without one has become a reincarnation of sloth. What did Subaru have with him during the fight? A gospel. My theory (debunk it or laugh at me people who already know 9/5/16) is that Julius cut Subaru's gospel not Subaru. Or something to that effect. I can only hope at this point.
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