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Your most anticipated anime of fall 2016
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Posted 9/11/16 , edited 9/11/16
I m waiting fairy tail and to love ova!
Ajin and Haikyuu!! 3 tis 2 r hot!
Hope all out also ll be!
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24 / M / Ohio
Posted 9/11/16

MrOnan wrote:

Bungo Stray Dogs, loved the first cour.
Occultic;Nine, Creators of Steins;Gate are making it, i'll give it a shot.

Yeah there really isn't that much i'm looking forward to, gonna be a slow season for me.

Bungo Stray Dogs is awesome, And I din't know about Occultic;Nine, I'll have to check it out. Steins;Gate is my all time favorite show.
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Posted 9/11/16
Easy JoJo, Haikyuu, MSG: IBO season 2 , everything else I don't really care about.
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30 / M / Cali
Posted 9/12/16
I dont count JoJo since I've been watching it since the Spring. I'll check out Drifters. That's probably the only show I'm planning to watch, I'll stumble on a few shows and give them a chance. But all that really matters is....

Posted 9/12/16
Bungou Stray Dogs s2 - Holistically speaking the 1st season was average. On a fan/personal level though, it was pretty darn great.
Touken Ranbu Hanamaru - I had a small stint of trying to predict what source material would become the next anime, and I picked Touken Ranbu as one. I didn't see Hanamaru coming, but...since I'm familiar with the game, I'm hella psyched for it.
Nanbaka - I've found myself liking most Shinji Takamatsu shows I set my eyes on and I like the source material, so this is a win.

On board for, but not as good as the "definitely"s:
Trickster Project - It's Rampo Edogawa, but with Gackt and Peach Pit! *fistpumps*
Fune wo Amu - It sounds kinda boring plot-wise, but I loved Showa Genroku Rakugo's hard to find anime that give off the same vibe and bring the same sorts of feelings to the table...
Occultic;Nine - Supernatural? Yes. Have I seen a Chiyo Sakura work before? No. I'm gonna go in with fresh expectations.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku - I like magical girls and I'm alright with slash-em-ups, but the art style is putting me off.
Classicaloid - Sounds quirky and since I used to learn piano I know a few of the composers, but pulling off the delicate balance between "frenetic" and "the right pace for this show" is hard...
Flip Flappers - Looks vibrant and lively and the magical girls' costumes look nice, but I detect unwanted yuri vibes coming off some of the released visuals...

Ambivalent about:
Watashi wa Motete Dousunda - Bishies? Yep. I'm not so comfortable with the art style, and I'm not a fujoshi.
Bernard-jou Iwaku - I only know a few of the books they're going to reference...
Tiger Mask W - For Yuichiro Umehara, to see how he suits Tiger the Dark. (Last time I watched an anime for Yuichiro Umehara, it was Young Black Jack...and let's not talk about that...)

Question: Why exactly does Girlish Number have the extra (a) in the middle of it?
Posted 9/15/16
* Bungo Stray Dogs S2
* Nanbaka
* Chi's Sweet Home (2016)
* Crane Game Girls Galaxy S2
* Bubuki Buranki S2
* Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
* Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara S2
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35 / F / In a van down by...
Posted 9/15/16 , edited 9/15/16
Must Sees:

Haikyuu 3

Natsume 5: because this is one of my alltime favorite series and one can never have enough of Nyanko-Sensei!

Bungou 2: Enjoyed season one immensely. Also, Dazai is too fucking awesome

Saigutsu no Lion: Because it's from the same mangaka as Honey and Clover.

Token Ranbu; Hanamaru: Because I'm a yuuuge fan of this game and characters and have been dying to see an anime version of this. Much to their credit, the chara designs actually do look really good.

UtaPri 4: This is one of the worst series out there, but I enjoy it in a 'So stupid it's AWESOME and CAMP' sort of way such a guilty pleasure of mine.

Lost Passage: more adult fare is awesome to me.


Trickster: I'm a sucker for mystery type series especially if they're influenced by Edogawa. Also..Peach Pit and Gackt?

Nanbaka: Been reading the manga on CR and liked it.

Occultic; Nine: Looks more interesting than Steins or Robotics Gate.
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Posted 9/15/16
Brave Witches, Drifters, Haikyuu S3 and Hibike! Euphonium S2
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Posted 9/15/16 , edited 9/15/16
Long Riders
Magical Girl Raising Project
Magic of Stella

There are many other shows I'm intensely interested in- and more still that I'll probably try out - but those three are the big ones I'm looking forward to.

Generally, I go into a season without knowing much, so these three may be disappointments, or they may be as great as I expect, who knows?

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22 / M / Vermont
Posted 9/15/16
All Out: Sports anime by Madhouse and TMS, should be pretty good.
Drifters: I've been waiting for this one for a while.
Haikyuu Season 3: This is going to be good.
Occult;Nine: I like mystery, and it's done by A-1, so I'm looking forward to watching it.

I'm going to be watching other shows, but these are the only ones that I am really looking forward to.
Posted 9/15/16
ViVid Strike! and Flip Flappers.
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Posted 9/15/16 , edited 9/15/16
Longriders! (as an off-and-on cyclist, I'm overjoyed to see an anime with this as a background theme )
WWW.Working! (LOVED Working/Wagnaria, hope this lives up to that. Can only hope they throw in a cameo )
Hibike! Euphoneum S2 (really: anything KyoAni. Need I say more? )
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29 / F / The margins
Posted 9/15/16
Sound! Euphonium 2.
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34 / M / Seattle
Posted 9/15/16
The Haikyuu and Sound Euphonium sequels are my most anticipated. As for the completely new stuff, I am most looking forward to Occultic;Nine, Flip Flappers, and Long Riders, while I'm also highly interested in Drifters and The Great Passage as well.
Posted 9/16/16
* Kiitarou Shounen no Youkai Enikki
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