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Posted 9/21/16

MrAnimeSK wrote:

TheHeroKiritoCouldHaveBeen wrote:

1. I don't go to parties

2. no I'm not in any clan

3. get what you are saying but have no RL friends who play as much as me and like I said I'm not in a clan

What about LAN parties?

I was lucky enough to join a gaming clan with really cool guys(and the odd girl) that are/were really fun to play with, not overly competitive like some where it can take some of the fun out of it.

Yeah i guess i only have a couple of real life friends that i game with. And even then we play different games half of the time. I have other real life gamer friends whom we never play the same games as each other and i work with alot of gamers but alot of them play consoles where as iam PC and alot play MMO's where as iam more FPS. \ Or they play COD i play BF, etc
I guess i do consider some of my clan members as real life friends now. Even though the ones that i actually have met i've only met like 1-3 times.
Some live in my city, some i traveled interstate to meet or they did. Tehy have a meet up every year but i only went to one of them.

Anyways, yeah that's why i like MP so much.

no LAN parties

the only person I know in RL that plays video games is my cousin but he only plays call of duty and FIFA while I'm not that into FPS games and am not a fan of soccer. we used to occasionally play COD but I only enjoy it for 30-60 min before I get bored.

the rest either get seasick playing videogames or only play table top games of anything.

my preferred games is games with RPGs with rich lore like Skyrim or games so casual that I can play them while reading manga or watching anime / YouTube videos.
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Posted 9/30/16
I'd say both ways are good, while you can have someone else to play with and share your ammo and other stuffs you find on the way. I used to play Darkwatch with my cousins and i used to kill them sometimes just to pick their guns and it was fun like hell hahahaha!
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