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21 / M / Yoshi City
Posted 9/6/16
I listen to a lot of underground hip-hop, especially East Coast.

I dig people like RetcH, DA$H and Sha Hef from NYC.

Warning, all tracks listed below may have explicit language. Don't click if you're not cool with that. lol


City Lights/Blockwork

Fly Away

Sha Hef:

Still Sippin

Straight Drop




These probably some of my favourite songs, obviously all the same genre. Do you listen to any underground music in general? Few people from my town dropped some UG music too (
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Posted 9/7/16
Music is music. Some with more exposure, some with less. Doesn't mean it's really underground or that you're alone and special in liking it.
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22 / M / Louisiana
Posted 9/7/16
Well I listen to metal, so a lot of it could be considered underground.
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Posted 9/9/16
Ah why did it have to be you who said it ^ Well yea what he said.
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22 / M / The Desert
Posted 9/27/16
I only listen to recordings of public restrooms and I'm the only one who knows where to find them, so I think my music taste is the most underground.

Not that it's a competition.. But, I win.
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20 / M
Posted 10/12/16
I do nowadays, like indie stuff, hardcore punk, post punk all that stuff from the 70's and 80's mostly. If by underground music you mean on independent labels.
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19 / M / ya mum's house
Posted 25 days ago
yeah, i like some more indie/alternative kind of acts. Groups like pavement, sonic youth, pixies, fugazi, bad brains, dandy warhols, brian jonestown massacre are in my general field of interest. But yeah, underground groups are pretty cool.
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26 / M
Posted 25 days ago , edited 25 days ago
I like underground music but it is a struggle to find new and interesting stuff. I love most types of hip-hop, mostly chill. I like some but I'm very picky about rap. My music interests are heavily influenced by Samurai Champloo (particularly Nujabes).

Here's a selection of hip-hop tracks (plus one rap) I listen to on a regular basis.

97SPECIAL - night of love pt.2

swell - im sorry (feat. shiloh)

Karamel Kel - Isn't it Lovely

Thomas Prime - Spirited Beginning (Nujabes Tribute)

That rap song. v
bobby raps & corbin - frozen tundra

Bunch of random styles and genres here after.
S I L Δ S I S D E ▲ D - スパイク・スピーゲル - ビシャス [SILASISDEAD REMIX]

Jason Barty - Simple Day

EASTGHOST - D'vocean

Very rare, since it was deleted by original artist from SC. Enjoy!
Derek Pope - Peace [Prod. Eric Dingus]

That's it. I could go on as anyone could but yeah.
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23 / M / Midnight City
Posted 25 days ago
I listen to The Velvet "UNDERGROUND" and Nico.....yes.
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