Post Reply What's the next evolution of books? VR books?
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Posted 9/7/16
So I know this is pulling the gaming community into the books community sort of but I think its still gaming related after all the HTCVIVE, the Rift, PSVR are all made for games but other applications can be developed for them. Making books more appealing to gamers! We have visual novels and audio books which are the future of books right now...

But how long will that last? And who is going to make a VR book correctly? Maybe it's too soon to talk about VR books since VR is still new and I don't know... Is there really a playbook for VR? Like rules and guidelines of VR development what games too make and not OK.

I recently went to Gamestop to put down some money towards my PSVR preorder of mine and I started thinking yeterday, are we going to get VR books? I think it would be really interesting to be able to put myself in the role of a favorite character from a novel I really like.

Should they do existing books or should they experiment with this concept and make new series' of VR book exclusive stories just for VR to avoid bad reviews from critics over butchering stuff?

P.S hope this thread makes sense.
Posted 9/7/16
text adventure.
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Posted 9/8/16
I'm not sure you can make a VR book.

It would be an incredibly detailed film basically, you'd have to get all the plot and detail into a non-literate visual experience.

If you look at current film adaptations of books, it's that in VR form. You'd have to set it up so the "player" followed the plot so the story made sense, but without making it obvious to keep the immersion. Think "Gone Home" on rails in VR, but you have to make it good.

I don't believe books need an evolution. Audio novels have been around since vinyl at least, I remember listening to kids stories on records when I was a kid, and e-readers are an evolution of the delivery mechanism not books themselves.

I'm sure there will be plenty of pressure from major publishers to go VR though, I mean what could be better from a Profit point of view than books you have to buy expensive proprietary hardware for, have a subscription, DRM, and the ability to force readers to re-buy their library every time you "update" the software or hardware.

Squashed Tree gets my vote, it only needs light to function. I am aware that this makes me a revolutionary activist in the Always On-Line world.
Posted 9/8/16 , edited 9/8/16
I saw a video of China or Japan where they have a vr headgear for you to watch porn. I guess that's next
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Posted 9/9/16
evolution in story telling:

story told in person -> story told through a novel -> story told through a visual novel -> story told through a virtual person (pre-recored 3d video of a person telling their story) -> story told through a virtual person (AI) -> story told through an AI-written novel -> story told through an AI-made VN -> story told through a virtual person written by an AI -> ....
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Posted 9/9/16
VR books? But why? VR was made for escaping reality and being places you couldn't ever be in real life. What advantage would reading a book "in VR" have over reading a book "IRL"? Unless you try to make that book somewhat spring to life, but that's what we call a video game or a movie. I'm not sure where you're going with this...
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