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Posted 9/7/16
I've been here about a month now and so far gotten into a few shows , im looking for other good ones based on what i like so far ;

twin star exorsists
Naruto ( both series )
Fate/Stay Night
Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon

any other suggestions would be welcome
Posted 9/7/16
"Days" is pretty good
Posted 9/7/16
You seem to like the "another world" animes, so I guess maybe SAO (even though I don't like it), log horizon, and also if you watched Fate/Stay Night you should definitely watch Fate/Zero as well.
Posted 9/8/16 , edited 9/8/16
No game no life
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Posted 9/8/16
Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren't they?

No Game No Life


Fate/Zero - Prequel to Fate/Stay Night.

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA - An alternate reality in which the events of Fate/Zero did not occur. Part comedy, part action adventure. Season one episode 6 has one of the top fights of 2013.

Blue Exorcist

Ushio and Tora
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Posted 9/19/16
Define new. How recent does it have to be?
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Posted 9/20/16
Time for me to make the most trivial recommendation possible given that if you watch anime you probably know this show exists (i'm still recommending it though because it's quite similar to the shows you've listed that you like):

Sword Art Online

you may also like:


and if you're up for a longer series:

Fairy Tail
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