The Descendants
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Posted 9/9/16
Just give me your thoughts about it, favorite parts? Favorite character and why?

Good things and bad. I personally am a huge fan of it, like I always wonder what will happen next. My favorite character is Mal because I love her style and she's smart, strong and a leader that does great things. She stood up to the most powerful villain, I have a hard time standing up against my dad.

My favorite part was in Return To the Isle of the Lost and they were gathering the talisman. Though that part had some bad things about it, like even though I love it because it showed how strong the characters can be, it also felt like the writing was a little rushed. Wasn't enough description for some of the character's scenes.

I really wish to know the other parent's of the four main and how their parents got together or more back story of what their childhood was like.

Just give me as many opinions you have on these books
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Posted 11/22/17
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