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Post Reply anybody know what krautrock is?
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Posted 9/18/16
^Wow, yeah, now I remember "At Home He's a Tourist", great track. I'll have to give that album a listen again. It's been ages, I must have listened to it more than I recall. =)
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Posted 24 days ago , edited 24 days ago
I like Can a lot
I also like Neu!

Other krautrock is fine from time to time, earlier Kraftwerk, etc.

Other prog type stuff I like when I'm in the mood, and I tend towards the more 'out there' side of prog:
Henry Cow

Art Bears

Aksak Maboul

Soft Machine (their first four albums before they went all fusion jazz)

Also, Kew Rhone by Peter Blegvad and John Greaves is amazing and a must hear album

Not prog or krautrock, but other challenging, non commercial music I like:

Sun Ra
Henry Threadgill
The Residents
Harry Partch
Captain Beefheart
Einstürzende Neubauten
Throbbing Gristle
Les Rallizes Denudés
Henry Cowell
Robert Wyatt

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