Post Reply If Tomo-chan wa Onna no ko! (lit. "Tomo-chan is a girl!") was an anime
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Posted 9/10/16
This is one of my favorite manga that is currently being published. If anyone has read it or is currently reading it I would like your opinions on what the possible production consists of.

First, what Studio do you think would being in charge of the anime?
Second, how many episodes and the time format?
Lastly, the cast . Who do you want/think would voice Tomo-chan and crew? If you have multiple candidates, by all means name them.

MEEEE's choices:

Studio: Satelight or White Fox

Episodes: 13 eps with the 7 minute format


Aizawa Tomo: Komatsu Mikako (Nisekoi's Tsugumi)

Kubota Junichirou: Konishi Tatsuyuki (Beelzebub's Oga)

Gundou Misuzu: Murakawa Rie (Re:Zero's Ram) or Anzai Chika (Qualidea Code's Asuha / Sound!'s Reina)

Carol Olsten: Yasuno Kiyono ( Anne Happy's Botan / USaekano's Megumi) or Kayano Ai (No Game No Life's Shiro / Anohana's Menma) or Ueda Reina (Dimension W's Mira / ReLife's Onoya) or Uesaka Sumire (Art Club's Colette / Chunibyo's Dekomori)

Misaki: Meada Rena (Momokuri's Rio)

Tanabe: Okamoto Nobuhiko (Blue Exorcist's Rin / Haikyu's Nishinoya)

Aizawa Gorou (Tomo's Dad): Eguchi Takuya (My Love Story!!'s Takeo / SNAFU's Hachiman)

There are other characters, so feel free to add voices to them if you want.


How bout the Naruto vs Sasuke hour episode in 2 weeks?
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Posted 9/10/16
I approve of this message.
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