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Posted 7/14/17
Cole stepped into the carriage and scooted over on the seats so that there was room for Mei and Lucien in the carriage, Mei climbed into the carriage than followed by Lucien.

( Cole, Mei and Lucien move to Morningstar Manor )
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Posted 9/19/17
*Sana was in her uniform that she killed in and it also hid her face but not her eyes which were both different colors and the cloak she wore with it was a dark shade of black and it swayed as she chase down the people on her to kill list and she had to dagger's ready and when the time was right she killed them from behind and cut a cross on their chest when she was done then looked up at the night sky and went to find somewhere to rest after all they did manage to shoot her arm and a bullet passed her cheek but now she only cared to rest so she took of her mask and cloak putting them away in her bag and went rest near the edge of the alley 5 blocks away where she killed them *

(she change her clothes quickly for got to add )
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