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Posted 9/11/16 , edited 9/11/16

So I've watched over 50 episodes of Bleach this week, and all of a sudden the anime just disappeared and became licence-blocked.
Ive had this issue for quite some time, and sometimes logging out and back in makes everything reappear, sometimes it doesnt - Same for clearing the cache and restarting the browser.
Not to mention sometimes by staying logged off, i can watch animes that i cant watch while connected.

What is happening ? Its extremely annoying that i'm interrupted in the middle of a binge-watching session for no apparent reason
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Posted 9/11/16 , edited 9/11/16
These are things that affect what shows appear to a given user, and they do not have anything to do with each other, so the various things you see could be for one, some, or all of them.

  • /acct/?action=video Maturity setting is at default, or restricted.
  • /acct/?action=video (same page) Default language is set to something not available in your region, e.g. when a show is only available in French in the French speaking countries, for example)
  • Travelling to another country where the show is not available, then returning (or not). Clear your cookies after returning home, but don't expect to see the show while you are still travelling
  • Your ISP getting a different block of IP addresses that were formally geolocated somewhere else in the world, so suddenly you aren't being detected as the correct country. Look at the "Detected Country" near the bottom of this page to check it out: /contact. This is external to CR, and you have to pursue it with your ISP yourself by trying to get them to assign a different address to your modem
  • Using a VPN to disguise what country you are watching from, and now suddenly it is getting blocked (if it's this, you're lucky to still have an account, as circumventing IP address geolocation goes against the terms of service here.)

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