Best & Worst pokemon forms?
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Posted 9/12/16 , edited 9/12/16
These are my picks of the best & worst forms of pokemon in my own words
Some are good. Some are meh & others are bad, really bad

- Good mega forms -

Mega absol
So we got a dark angel type.
Pretty cool & stylish mixing good & evil traits

Mega Alakhazam
Taking the form of a old wise powerful wizard

Mega gengar.
Looks more like haunter but dang
Hes scary looking & mean

Mega houndoom
This guy is boss
Evil & badass

Mega pinsir
Seems like hes taking the digimon route
But cool

- meh/good -

Charizard X & Y both good

Black & blue look nice
- dont care for the shoulder spikes
- or hes wings. Looks like someone messed up hes wings with scissors

- The other one has a cone head with the 3rd horn
- The arm wings look bad
- no hands just claws

Mega blastoise
Could be better
Needs two back cannons
Not one big one

Mewtwo X
Tough & strong
Fix the feet & head

Mewtwo Y
Hate the toes

- Worst -
This is were they get ultra lazy

Mega venusaur
All i see is extra leaves & a flower on hes head
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Posted 9/12/16 , edited 9/12/16

Mega aerodactyl
That stupid stone beard
Wonder if they watched that episode of dexters labortory
With that hank commando guy

Mega blaziken

Mega garchomp
Something about the shape of hes head bothers me
And all those spikes looking like a shirt

Mega gardevoir
What is going on with that chest

Mega gyarados
Chubby & awefull

Mega heracross
Cone head
Big nose

Mega kamgeskhan
I see nothing different :/

Mega manectric
Lazy & stupid

Mega mawile
Scary. That will it you ouo

Mega tyranitar
Reject godzilla monster?

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Posted 9/15/16 , edited 9/15/16
Good ones:

Mega Lucario - my favorite
Mega Gengar
Mega Blaziken

Bad ones:

Mega Kangaskhan - f*** that ability
Primal Groudon - overused in matches

That's all i can think for now.
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Posted 9/16/16 , edited 9/17/16
good ones (imo)
mega starters
mega already-op-pokemons-made-even-more-op

bad ones (imo):

voltorb / electrode. it's literally a sphere with half being red, and the other being white.
diglett. you only meet it a few times when traveling through the cave, and then forget they exist.
combee. a flying honeycomb?
Vanilluxe aka "the [s]vanilla[/s] ice cream pokemon"
trubbish / garbodor. i think they were trying to make the ugliest-looking pokemon. if they didn't succeed, they came very close.

ps. i wonder how a mega ditto would look like.... :p
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Posted 12/31/17 , edited 12/31/17
End of the year clean up ^,^ Closing threads from 2016
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