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Posted 9/13/16

laeuscgretired wrote:

What's considered a mature subject? Its not death since that's everywhere in shounen. Its not sex, plenty of ecchi harem shounens right?

Death and Ecchi fan service aren't really mature things on their own. Seinen shows tend to be quite complex and deal with things like politics,psychology and human relationships beyond the shallow friendship and trust themes seen aimed at younger audiences. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex is probably off the top of my head the best example of Seinen.

Traditionally Shonen has included a lot of super hero type stuff that revolves around unbeatable heroes who overcome odds especially since Dragonball popularised it and spawned many imitators but there are a lot of subjects that fall under the demographic and it's not all action shows. Most things get labelled as Shonen simply because of the magazine they are published in as a Shonen magazine. Watamote is Shonen and it's a comedy about a teenage girl dealing with social anxiety.. If you look at the content and the kind of jokes though you can kind of see why it's marketed towards young males.
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