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Posted 9/13/16
What I did: I installed crunchy roll app from google play on cell phone, used ES File Explorer to backup the apk of the app, transferred said apk to my kindle and installed it there. The app starts, show me all the UI and even loads and plays the ads if I'm not logged in. But if I'm logged in (or after the ad plays if I'm not), it just displays the still first frame of the episode I'm trying to watch, forever stuck on buffering. After a while it informs me that the video is taking a while to load and give me the option to either keep waiting or go back, and trying to keep waiting still gives no results, after some nearly 10 minutes of loading and counting.

I can in fact, play the episode on my cellphone that I took the apk from, and both my Kindle and my phone are using the same Wi-Fi connection, so it's not a problem with my internet. In all, I'd have expected the app to either not work at all, crash or get stuck on loading itself if it wasn't going to work. Since the issue appears to be with buffering the video, I'm hoping it's not some fundamental incompatibility with my tablet, and can be handled.

Anyone has any ideas what's going on? Suggestions for what I might do?
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Posted 9/13/16
The app is not designed for Kindle devices. We'll not be able to give you any official troubleshooting regarding this.
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