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If you want something cool to read, check out my book on Amazon that's on sale for $4.99. Its 58% off!(It'll be on sale for the next couple of hours)
Here is the link:

Book: Shadows of The Called
Genre: Fiction, Supernatural, Fantasy

Whats the books about ? : Berry Vaughn, a 24-year-old with the love of apple pies, has forgotten how to smile. Becoming bitter with the world ever since his younger brother’s passing a couple years ago. On a path of frustration and self-destruction, Berry awakes one night to find himself dressed in peculiar clothing, stranded in the middle of the dessert. Noticing further ahead, figures along the horizon.

Lynn, a 24-year-old pre-school teacher, and childhood friend of Berry, has a stubborn yet caring personality. With a determined will to break Berry’s anti-social and bleak outlook on life. But how will she react when she sees her best friend suddenly show up all smiles with a different personality?

Sidenote:* There is a misspelled word in the synopsis I have to correct lol

So if you want something good to read that's for a low price, check it out. Please leave a review if you do. I'm still a new author and I'm trying to get as many reviews as possible.

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