30 Days of Anime Finished.
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Posted 9/13/16 , edited 9/13/16

So for the past 30 Animes on the OtakuAnimo and The Anime Animo communities under the Animo app, I've been doing the 30 day Anime Challenge. I have finished the challenge.

And have decided that I will post each day on here, all 30 days in order. So Enjoy.

(Information of stuff is from: MAL, and Wikia)

Day 1. (First Anime I Have Ever Seen)

Day 2. (Favorite Anime I've Seen so far).

Day 3. (Favorite Male Anime Character)

Day 4. (Favorite Female Anime Character)

Day 5. (An Anime I'm Shamed That I've Enjoyed).

Day 6. (An Anime I want to see but haven't)

Day 7.
(Anime Crush)

Day 8.(Anime Couple I Ship/Enjoy )

Day 9. (Best Anime Villian)

Day 10. (Favorite Fighter Anime)

Day 11.
(Favorite Mecha Anime).

Day 12. (Saddest Moment in Anime)

Day 13. (Anime Character I'm Most Like)

Day 14. (An Anime that never gets old)

Day 15. (Favorite Anime Sidekick)

Day 16.[i] (An anime with the best Animation)

Day 17. Favorite Supporiting Male Character

Day 18. Favorite Supporting Female Character

Day 19. (An Epic Scene?)

Day 20. (An Anime character that gets on my Nerves)

Day 21. Favorite Goofy Anime Character

Day 22. (Favorite Anime Weapon/ Armor)

Day 23. Favorite Attack Used in Anime

Day 24 Shocking Anime moment.

Day 25 Saddest Anime Death

Day 26. Best Anime Fight.

Day 27. Baddass Anime Moment

Day 28 Anime Quotes.

Day 29. An Anime I wish was real.

Day 30. Anime; I wish never ended

Thanks for reading.
Posted 9/16/16
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Posted 12/27/17
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