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Posted 9/15/16 , edited 9/15/16
Simply put, something's not working right with the time-until-new-episode estimates for simulcasts. They're ALWAYS wrong by a fair margin (somewhere in the 3-6 hour range - I'm not remembering exactly how much). Once the countdown completes and the episode is supposed to be out, it switches to something like "coming soon" until the episode actually IS out.

It would be nice to know when shows actually come out. It might also be nice if currently-airing shows had a release time/date listed somewhere in the app. I'm aware that these are listed on the website, but I very rarely use Crunchyroll while at a computer.

The issue happens with multiple shows including Mob Psycho 100 and Re:Zero. (I'm certain I've seen it with other shows, but those are the two that I remember clearly.) I'm using a Roku 3 if that matters.

Thanks for your help/consideration!
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