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Posted 9/16/16
Skyrim. Skyrim yesterday, Skyrim today, and Skyrim tomorrow!

In all seriousness I should also be studying, but that's a problem for another day
Posted 9/16/16

WynterBayumm wrote:

Kerst wrote:

It was nice for once it was actually cool out this morning and not as humid, and it's not thatr hard I've been running for years to stay in shape.
I think it started back when I was 18 and was walking 2 and half miles every night for a year ( that was bacl when winter was freezing with snow and hard wind) to see my gf after my car died and then 2 and half miles back to my apartment.
During winter I only owned one jacket it was a thin hoodie XD

Aww that's some determination! She must be worth the struggle! It's pretty neat that you stay in shape! :p

She wasn't and that was like 6 years ago lol I havnt been with her in a very long time.
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