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Posted 9/16/16 , edited 9/17/16
Here we should introduce ourselves and share tags.

My name is Sorcha and you can add me! My tag is [email protected]

I play causal and competitive. I just started ranked this season. Hbu?
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28 / F / Scottsdale, Arizona
Posted 12/21/16 , edited 12/21/16
You can find me under Lawlly#1510 on PC.

I play all characters, please add me if you'd like to match up! Hardcore Blizzard gamer over here. I skipped over season two because of a break so I lost a lot of people that I rank pushed with. If you don't like competitive, quickplay is fine too. :3

Thanks for reading~
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25 / M / Vancouver, Canada
Posted 1/17/17 , edited 1/17/17
Yo, seach up FIDELCASHFLO#11386 - Genji - Mei - Ana main (in the order of preference).

Got dumpstered in comp this season due to some bad luck, but I'm your slightly-above-average gold player. Nothing to gawk at, Just having some fun

I fill metas too.
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Posted 1/19/17 , edited 1/20/17
Hi all!!

My name is Crystal! If you want you can find me by search CrystalRaven#11466.

I haven't been playing the game all that long, so I still play casual. Mostly because I'm pretty sure that I'm no where near good enough to play competitive, yet. That and I don't have the best computer. I'm trying to learn how to play everyone, even those I suck at. I just like trying to have an understanding of how to play different characters. Though I do play a lot of D.Va, Lucio, Pharah, and Junkrat.

Not sure if I'm any good, but I just like having fun playing.
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