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Children in Apartments
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M / Australia
Posted 9/20/16 , edited 9/20/16
I had a hellish experience living in a unit once.
Admittedly it was a fairly open and communal block. And it was only one story. Most of the units had just like one guy or one woman or maybe a couple or two parents with a teenaged kid or something.
This one guy down one end had a kid and at first he was only there some weeks but the guy eventually got full custody and the kid made friends with some other kids from the houses across the street.
The dad decided it would be a good idea to put up a trampoline out front which was pretty much just by my lounge room (i rearranged and made it my computer room) window.
Now this became a living hell as EVERY SINGLE DAY they all played right outside my unit by my window and they all screamed and yelled non stop and sometimes they would kick balls and they would hit my window/roller shutter.
Now you could argue that this is just kids being kids and that iam a grumpy old cunt but you have to understand that it would start about an hour after i knocked off of work and would continue to close to my bed time (day light saving/summer time was the worst) and it was every single fucking day and the level of noise was unbearable.
I was forced to wear head phones or put loud music on or have my tv ridiculously loud, etc.
I thought it would just be a phaze but it just went on and on. In the end i spoke to the parents in the unit and across the street. Nothing changed.
I was so close to fucking murdering the cunt across the street.
And to add to it some Indians moved in next door and i never quite knew just how many of them actually all lived in one small unit. Could never tell and they had constant visiters and would all leave the place opened up and i could hear them all talking in their langauge and their high pressure curry cookers from inside my unit.
Plus they'd stand right outside my door talking all the time.
I broke my lease and got the fuck out. Do not intend to live in a unit EVER again.

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Posted 9/20/16
First - it's up to the landlord. They decide their rules for their property. You violate them, they can boot you (depending on how the contract is worded). If parents with kids who jump around a lot violate their contract, then that's an issue. If they don't - then whatever.

Second - Anyone can be a noisy neighbor. Parents with kids. Adults with no kids. Adults who have lots of parties. Adults who have loud sex. Elderly adults who watch TV stupidly loud at the wee hours of the morning. There's lots of people who can be noisy neighbors. Parents with kids are just one variant. If they're annoying you - complain to the parents.

Third, as someone said - poor insulation is part of the issue causing it to sound noisier than it really is. That could be something to complain to the landlord about.
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Posted 9/20/16
In college, our RA liked to blast James freaking Taylor at high volume. My roommate and I had our counter in Stormtroopers of Death.
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Posted 9/20/16

brookline wrote:

We just moved into a downstairs apartment. the tenants above have a school age child. he looks to be around 10 or 9. the kid runs and stumps and jumps constantly like a wild animal - strike that. on nature shows wild animals are mostly calm. other first floor tenants in the complex have complained on tenants with noisy kids living above them.

so here's the question.Should people with kids age 1 to 13 be allowed to rent 2nd and 3rd floor apartment (any floor above the 1st floor).

my answer is no.

What's yours?

Play loud music all night on school nights until they move away.
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Posted 12/16/17
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