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Post Reply The logic behind Harem Anime.
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Posted 9/18/16 , edited 9/18/16
The reason is fairly simple:

The harem genre is fantasy pandering. Specifically it panders to the prevalent demographic of sub 30 year old male virgins (60% of Japanese men under 30 are virgins) with no experience with the opposite sex.
The fantasy is little more than having multiple potential sexual partners at once with very little effort involved in keeping them as such.

The protagonist is almost always a self insert for the reader.

By introducing "realistic" emotional and relationship drama into it you ruin the fantasy.
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Posted 9/18/16

Kazishini wrote:

Why doesnt anyone get murdered in Harems or Reverse Harems? Seriously, jealousy should be far more prevalent in this genre. It exists in most Romance anime, so why not in Harems? There are obviously some exceptions. However i have never seen a Harem anime where one girl kills another over the MC or one guy kills another over the female MC in a Reverse Harem. I just dont get how there isnt more jealousy driven violence. Im quite curious as to other peoples thoughts on this matter.

Feuds are fine, slapstick violence is fine, even duels are fine, as is threatening violence. Actual felonies are generally not fine even with the cops in an anime.

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