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Posted 9/18/16
I am looking for new reading material. Right now I'm reading 1Q84, but I'm nearing the end. It's a Japanese book written by Haruki Murakami. On to the topic.

I'd like you all to post 3 books that opened your eyes/mind, or just expanded your perspective. I guess I'll start...

1. Brave New World & 1984
These two books are being listed together because they are two peas in a pod. What I mean by that is that while individually they will certainly be extremely thought provoking. However, if you read them both within a relatively short time they will shatter your world if you have an open mind. You will never look at work, society, government, or the way things are the same way again.

2. Fahrenheit 451
In many ways this book seems to be a prophecy of our time. There is so much censorship and secrecy of information in our society. We are so deeply invested in entertaining ourselves with reality television and the news media that we sometimes completely forget there is an entire world out there. So few people read books anymore that libraries are completely empty. People go to college and then they never read again because academia somehow instills a hatred of reading in people. We seem to care less about others as well.

3. Looking For Alaska
This may seem weird in comparison to the others I listed because it is a young adult novel, but I find in many ways this book is just as profound especially if you are, or have, dealt with suicide or death where there are things that don't make sense. I have lost a lot of people and I have come to find there is often a sense of guilt or having failed the person and because of that you often struggle hopelessly to try to make things make sense. I guess that's a part of grieving in a way, but this book is also amazing because it also shows how we have a choice to flail hopelessly in the darkness or choose to cherish the memories and look to see the beauty in the world that is all around us.

Please add your thoughts on these books if you have read them, or simply add 3 books that you like a lot as a comment.. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you all.
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Posted 9/19/16 , edited 9/20/16
I can't add to this
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It doesn't matter.
Posted 9/19/16
Alice in wonderland (I count both books as one because the one I read had both in the same book).

Origami book

Blank exercise book.
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Posted 10/1/16
the kite runner

devil wear prada

harry potter
Posted 10/12/16
"Its not the law"
Wayne Barbuto

All The Presidents Bankers
Nomi Prins

The Lone Gladio Vol 1
Sibel Edmonds
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