any good shows or manga that are gender bender
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oh and they have to be on crunchyroll or funimation
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Hmmm for comedy It's Gotta be the Twintails is basically a Super Sentai (Power Rangers) parody/gender bender.
For cross dressing (not exactly gender bender) highly recommend Maria Holic is you are looking for a comedy although I'll admit it's not for everyone.

If you are looking for a decent manga Bitter Change (forget Japanese title look on MAL) takes a much more realistic look at how much a long term opposite gender body swap would play out. (although I think it's on hiatus)

I'd also recommend Boku wa Mari no Naka which you can read here on Crunchyroll, although there is some sexual content elements (although very little) so if that bothers you, best to avoid it. That one is a gender bender/mystery/psychological thriller I suppose.

In terms of anything decent your basically stuck with manga, well perhaps with the notable exception of Ranma 1/2 of course.

If ecchi is your thing there is of course Kampfer although the storyline makes no sense.

For anime with gender bender elements: Yamada Kun and the seven witches or Kokoro Connect might be an ok place to start.

EDIT: Not sure if these are on Crunchyroll other than Kokoro Connect and Yamada I think, but if they aren't here Funimation probably has them locked up in their vault somewhere
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