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Girl trouble...
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Posted 9/22/16
Don't overthink it, go with your gut, and do it quick.

As thoughtless as that sounds, that's really how the situation is also.

Just go up to her, say whatever it is you need to say, if it goes smooth? Cool, if not? Cool. It's not like this will be something you'll lose sleep over in the future.

Go at it.
Posted 9/23/16 , edited 9/23/16
I think the culprit is the friend that tagged along.

Maybe she threatened "the girl that caught your eye" and told her to back off. You never know with girls....

Honestly theyre a pain to deal with. Just find somebody else. She could've just been busy.
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Posted 9/24/16
I happened to run into her in the hallway and explained myself. I think we're on the same page at this point in time. At least I won't be worrying of "what could've been" if I didn't explain myself. Thanks for the motivation and advice, everyone.
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Posted 9/24/16 , edited 9/24/16
Good stuff!
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Posted 1/7/18
New-year cleaning. Closing threads with no new posts since 12/31/2016.
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