Gal*Gun: Double Peace Steam release
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Posted 9/22/16 , edited 9/22/16
With Gal*Gun: Double Peace about to release on steam I was wondering about peoples thoughts on it.

Are you buying it, waiting and seeing, already played it, not interested etc?

Here's the trailer for those who haven't seen/don't know what it is (beware moderately NSFW)

This is my first time creating a forum topic so please be gentle with me
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Posted 9/22/16
I have this on the Vita myself and I can attest to the game's weirdness. That said it's not necessarily bad, but it's pretty gimmicky and loses some of its luster when the gimmicks no longer amuse.
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Posted 9/23/16
I would like to try it but there won't seem to be a Linux version so I won't be able to play it...
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Tower of Barbs
Posted 9/24/16
Never though this game would get a U.S. release... So I picked a Japanese copy up while I visited Singapore a while back only to find out it had been release Stateside.

Played it a bit, I can't read Japanese, so I was just fiddling with the game. It is an interesting rail shooter to say the least.
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Posted 9/25/16
Steam is getting a lot better for games like this. They might not always allow the outright sale of 18+/mature content, but they aren't actively blocking the update files that enable all of it (although I think the files have to prevent screenshots showing mature content). I guess this is mainly for visual novels and Japanese games.

It's a really good times for Visual Novel fans as far as the growing library on Steam is concerned. As a bonus we are also seeing more games like this and Akiba's Trip, etc.
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Posted 10/1/16
Steam doesn't have issues with nudity unless it's a core part of the game . Otherwise the Witcher series would be in big trouble ! I got all The Nekopara games thru steam (censored of course) , then installed the patches to games #1 & 2 . Plays just fine on steam . But even the +18 patch still has some censoring . I saw the Gal Gun game on steam , but I'm not going to get it if censored .
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Posted 12/31/17
End of the year clean up ^,^ Closing threads from 2016
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