New to Manga -- Help??
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Posted 9/23/16 , edited 9/23/16

So I'm trying to get into manga after being an anime fan for a while now. Like anime was at first, it's very overwhelming! It also seems expensive.

Right now, I'm doing manga through CR and I like the app so far for reading.

I'm looking for a little help though.

Of the manga available on CR, what are the best? I'm reading Orange now (really enjoying it) and I plan to read A Silent Voice and Princess Jellyfish.

Of the manga not available on CR, what is the absolute must-read?? Digital availability is preferable

Additional info:

--Not a fan of extremely long/endless manga, e.g. One Piece

--Some of my fav. anime to give a general sense of my taste: FMA:B, Steins;Gate, Baccano!, Haruhi, Death Note, Trigun, Haikyuu, Kids on the Slope

Thanks! I've gotten some really good anime recommendations from CR forums in the past!

P.S. Sorry if this has been posted a thousand times.
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Posted 9/23/16 , edited 9/23/16
On CR:
- A Silent Voice (school-age drama) is a must-read.
- Mysterious Girlfriend X (school-age rom-com) is awesome, once you get over the premise.
- Bokura wa Minna Kawaisai (school-age rom-com) is a lot of fun--just be warned that it isn't finished, and the updates are quite sporadic.
- Love Theory (seinen ecchi comedy) has some rough patches, but has a great ending.

Not on CR:
- Angel Densetsu (comedy) is one of the funniest things I've ever read, although the art is pretty awful (especially at first--it gets better). It's about a super nice, pretty oblivious, guy who everyone else thinks is a devil-incarnate, and his relationship with his school's delinquents.
- Blast of Tempest (AKA Zetsuen no Tempest) is sort of a cerebral adventure/mystery plot in a futuristic fantasy world. It's a lot of fun, if you don't mind lots of talking in the middle of your fight scenes.
- Chibi Vampire (AKA Karin) is a fun and weird sort of horror/comedy/romance about a vampire girl who gives blood instead of sucking it.

That being said, my favorite manga are Ah My Goddess (which is 300+ chapters, so that might be too long for you), SA: Special A (a straight shoujo classic), and Umi no Misaki (a seinen harem romance). Not sure if any of those fit in your wheelhouse, though.
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Posted 9/23/16 , edited 9/27/16
Of the Manga on CR I've only read Jellyfish Princess and The Morose Monokean and I like them both. Their corresponding anime are cute too.

For something not available on CR I'd recommend Noragami. I think it fits in with your taste, it's ongoing and it has a solid plot that doesn't seem likely to drag on forever like One Piece. Silver Spoon is a good one too, by the author of FMA but completely different plot, world, atmosphere.
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Posted 9/24/16 , edited 9/24/16
Yamadakun and seven witches is really good anime and manga on CR

High School Debut- the author wrote My Love Story but this is her first manga
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Thanks for the suggestions!
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Arakawa Under the Bridge
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