Posted 9/23/16 , edited 9/24/16

Announcements will be placed here since well I have no idea how to send out a pm to everyone in the group like most groups do lol. So be sure to check here regularly for announcements but will post on the group guestbook if there are any lol.
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Announcement 1

The Permissions Page has been updated with the most recent info, so please read it. Also you really don't have to if you don't want to lol, nothing really changed but talks about the new titles/names for everyone.
Posted 10/20/16
Announcement 2

Hello all just letting you all know, feel free to post anime pics to the photos section. Only thing is it has to be a group of friends. Other pics are allowed but if you post a pic with group of friends in it, it might possibly be used as the group profile pic one day. So looking forward to everyones anime pics ^^

Reminder: please keep all pics pg-13
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Announcement 3

Hello all I plan on making the group christmas themed so if you have christmas pics feel free to add some and to the photos and I'll be sure to use them in the christmas theme ^^
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